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Femi, as he is called by friends. is quick to admit he is a man loved of God. Not only does his name Olufemi, which translates to God loves me, attest to this, when the Lord began to take a closer walk with him the Lord changed his surname to Oluwafemi, an unequivocal confirmation of the love of God. Femi has always loved God but had his moments of wondering about the church. That was until the Lord revealed himself in a special way according to his request in 1995 and he has never looked back from God since.

Femi is a vessel called of God to reach out to nations. He is a recording artiste with a seven track album, “Supreme God” available on all major music streaming platforms. His journey into music is a story of a heart that’s eager to touch heaven.

It happened on a day in August 2013 when he was attending a major programme of his church. As he entered the programme grounds he lifted his heart to God in prayer and made a request for the Lord to enable him to write music to reach the world for Him. He thought nothing of his request, but God heard his prayers and within seconds of sitting in the programme, the first song came,and  before the end of that programme, he had five songs by inspiration of God.

Today, he professes that the songs are simply a window into the heart of God. That’s why he came to call his songs “Music to Better Your Way” because that’s how the Lord described it.

Femi is also a budding writer and author, with the first in his collection of books hitting the world in February 2023 and several more planned before the year ends. As the anchor of a mission to sensitise Christians in Business regarding Doing Business God’s way, his first book, “Ministering To The Lord”, shares secrets of accessing benefits in the presence of the Lord on a daily basis. His writing career didn’t start there. He is quick to let you know he has always been a writing enthusiast. In fact, he started his career in 1989 as a Features Writer with ‘The Daily Sketch of Nigeria’, one of the national newspapers in Nigeria at the time.

Femi is a man of many parts. He is a poet, experienced project manager, motivator, marketing and marketing communication specialist and much more. Femi has had a very successful career spanning over 34 years across several industries including Journalism, Aviation, Marketing Communications, Channel Management, Trade Marketing and Telecommunications. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Post graduate Diploma from the University of Liverpool in Global Marketing and a first degree in Political Science.

Femi is happily married and has two children. He loves his country, Nigeria with a passion. He loves his coffee black and sweet. He is sports man with many awards including a Bronze medal in Volleyball in the Nigeria University Games, 1986. He enjoys Chess, Scrabble, the outdoors and a host of other pass times.

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